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It's as easy as A or B

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp

I’m sure that if you’re anything like us, you love great websites. Although, as great as a website is, there’s always room for improvement. Knowing how and what to improve, however, isn’t always easy.

Different teams in your business will have differing opinions on what’s the best step, so who’s right? It’s simple - none of them! It’s your site visitors who hold the answer to the best website design.

A or B

Why do you need split testing?

The psychology behind sales is fascinating. A colour, a trigger word, an image - a small change can make a real difference to your conversion rate and help with future design decisions. It’s unique to your audience, your industry and your product. No one can give you that answer other than your customers themselves.

You can’t ask people - people rarely consciously know why they do things. Observing real behaviour is the only way to make a true decision.

You can’t try different designs 2 weeks in a row - there are too many variables that might skew your test and give you false results.

This is a case of science meets art and your designs must be based on evidence above belief to make real improvements.

Split testing

What should you test?

This is a case of science meets art and your designs must be based on evidence above belief to make real improvements.

We’re busy enough without briefing multiple creatives for every page. Concentrate on the areas that help you to achieve your goals, such as increasing the number of subscribers to your newsletter or improving sales of accessories.

The things most common to test are:

  • Call to action wording
  • Button colour
  • Pricing
  • Product image style
  • Product text length
  • Placement of interactive elements on the page
  • Form lengths and field types

Unless you’re an online grocer, beware of testing apples against oranges. Try to keep the elements you are testing simple - if it’s the colour you’re interested in, keep the text and shape of the button the same or you may not know what has been successful.

A B testing

How do you split test pages?

Kentico has an in-built split testing module for A/B and multivariate testing. You simply create 2 versions of the page with the key difference you want to test, set some parameters and wait. Kentico will randomly assign the different designs to your visitors, measure which gets the most engagement and report it back to you.

With a click of a button, your best performing page becomes permanent and you can be sure of your decision.

Back to our favourite fictional pet store for an example

For PetsOnline the newsletter sign up is top of the agenda. Conversion from the newsletter itself is amazing, but it’s also a key factor in capturing contact details for their personalisation and automation strategy.

Within the PetsOnline office there has been much debate over where the newsletter sign up box should be placed on the page.

There’s only one way to find out - in true X-Factor fashion - put it to a public vote. PetsOnline create version A of the homepage with the sign up button at the top, and version B with it at the bottom and set Kentico to randomly show the different versions to new visitors.

After 2 weeks, PetsOnline can see from their analytics that Option A has a conversion rate of 7.5%, while Option B has a conversion rate of 12%, making it the better option. They click to keep Option B so that all site visitors now see the same thing.

A new debate springs up as to whether it would stand out more in red… time to test again!

A B testing

That sounds great, but it must be complicated to implement, right?

Wrong! With Kentico, you can implement A/B testing in 5 minutes. Simply create a variant on the page you want to optimise and then launch the test. Using Kentico enables you to target particular visitor segments, such as age, to see if certain users react differently. You can also limit traffic to avoid a negative response. Kentico’s analytics features will then clearly demonstrate the winning page.

Remember to use Kentico to its full potential

To truly harness Kentico, and turn your website in to a sales and marketing powerhouse, remember to set up other modules like content personalisation, marketing automation and email marketing, to make sure the right customers are getting the right content at the right time from your newly optimised website.