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Maximising your email marketing system

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp

We know email is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, and relevant emails drive 18 times more results on average than mass emails.

If you want your marketing communications to be marketing conversations to create genuine relevance and loyalty, it’s time to get your systems in line.

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The problem is that when systems work separately, your business and customer needs don’t align efficiently. Business needs may push you to send mass untargeted emails, insight that you've gained from only looking at historical purchases means that you miss opportunities, and although you can identify trends with your website analytics, you have no idea who these relate to, to have the most powerful and relevant conversations.

In our previous blogs on Marketing Automation and Personalisation, we looked very much at our fictional heroine, Jayne. Her journey from an unknown entity to a loyal customer is a thing of blog legend, but it was no accident.

What happens behind the scenes of a successful email marketing campaign?

When PetsOnline rebuilt its website on Kentico, its CRM system was integrated into the website to allow it to have all of its data in one place. They added the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution to create a seamless flow of systems with integrated marketing to really add power and efficiency to their sales.

In the automation blog, we alluded to Jayne receiving an email about the vet services and kitten products, followed up by the clincher of a free vet visit with every luxury scratching post. This is a very carefully orchestrated flow of content that has led to this sale, based on months of planning and testing by the team.

Quick A/B testing emails for the best response

By adding basic measures to email including automation for a unique customer journey, and simple A/B testing communications can be converted into conversations with customers.

There had been several debates around the office as to whether people would respond better to a photo of a serious vet who oozed experience and a vet with a friendly smile. Jayne, like the A/B test group who were sent the email just before her, wanted her kitten to be treated with a kind, friendly smile. They also tested subject lines and the call to action in separate tests to get the best possible response.

Automation to create a personalised journey

Similarly, the “Top 10 products for new kitten owners” was made up of items that were selling best in real time and new high value items that needed a boost. A/B testing showed which new items gained the best response. There were a multitude of routes Jayne could have taken with offers combined for either a free vet visit for every high price item Jayne had shown an interest in, or a free low price item with every vet visit she booked.

Measuring, reporting and improving email messages

To be able to make informed decisions and continually optimise the customer journey, the team constantly monitor click through and open rates of emails to spot weaknesses in messages and design. Along with A/B testing, it is a big decider in when journeys are added, replaced, and updated.

Testing how emails look across devices

PetsOnline tested how their website looked across devices when they built it, and the same goes for emails. Even though they are using a responsive template, they can quickly take a look how the layout renders across the most popular devices in Kentico before they send it. They know Jayne checks her emails on the go, but will book vet visits from her PC when she has her calendar to hand, so it’s important the emails are consistent and look good.

By adding basic measures to email including automation for a unique customer journey, simple A/B testing, and improving weaker areas spotted in reporting, communications can be converted into conversations with customers.

Integrated systems like the Kentico EMS add power to sales and confirm that email is a really useful tool when utilised efficiently.