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Using marketing automation to boost sales

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp

You could spend your day analysing data and engaging with every customer individually to boost sales… or you could do it automatically with Kentico.

Cogs turning

In our article on personalisation, we discussed how the Kentico module can create the right content, for the right person, at the right time. But a real experience, a personal experience, means using various touchpoints to engage with the customer even when they are not on the site.

Using automation, your marketing team deal with creating innovative campaigns, your sales team close the deals and Kentico is your secret weapon in the middle nurturing customers from cold contacts to loyal customers.

A real (kind of) business example

To better explain this, we fall back on our favourite imaginary online pet store, PetsOnline.

Jayne’s got a new kitten, Tiddles. She searched for “quality kitten toys” and landed on a page of PetsOnline’s kitten toys. She’s had a good look, but she’s not sure if she’s picking the right things. Then she sees an article called “caring for your kitten”. She has to put her name and email in, but it’s worth it to be sure she’s doing the best she can for Tiddles.

Now, PetsOnline has Jayne’s email address. Getting a new kitten is a great time to foster loyalty and sell all kinds of products and services. An automatic workflow is triggered to ensure Jayne has everything she needs.

Within a day of her download, Jayne receives an email giving information about PetsOnline’s in-store veterinary service. 2 days later, she receives another email with their “Top 10 products for new kitten owners”.

Jayne’s opened both emails and clicked on the information, but not made a purchase yet. Now’s the time to hit with a killer offer that PetsOnline know always works – if she buys a luxury scratching post in the next 24 hours, she gets a free vet visit.

Jayne had been looking around to see what else was available, but this is a great offer.

Up-selling, cross-selling and cycle-based selling

Jayne follows the link onto the site from the email, triggering the site to display an up-sell offer allowing her to get a flea treatment with her vet visit for just £5 more. Even better!

She has gone from being a tentative visitor to a valuable customer and can be the latest addition to the Sales CRM system. The site can now start to cross-sell to Jayne, both sharing complimentary accessories on the website and by email, such as the latest toys. 

PetsOnline know that the flea treatment Jayne has purchased only lasts for 3 months. With cycle-based selling Jayne can be reminded in 2 months to book her next appointment and keep Tiddles flea-free. This is not only a great opportunity for a sale, but also very useful for Jayne.

Jayne has gone from a one-time purchaser into a lifelong customer. Using a satisfaction survey as a touchpoint in your automatic workflow, you can manage any customer worries, to ensure you create a strong customer relationship.

That sounds great, but how easy is it?

A piece of cake. No, really. Kentico’s marketing automation is subject to a simple workflow, with steps of your choice. It works based on a trigger, such as the aforementioned download, steps are then added with subjectivity as to how they connect. Step might include; waiting periods, conditional steps, newsletter subscription and importing contacts into your CRM. Kentico’s easy-to-use features allow you to see at which stage of the process each lead is at.

That seems pretty simple, but one more time, what are the benefits?

You can offer a service to your client that actually boosts your sales as you can effectively sell based on their needs and wants. You generate higher revenue with less input from your sales team as automation takes a load off your traditionally manual follow-up process.

Put simply, using automation well will ensure your customers never need to go elsewhere because buying with you is so easy. Would you rather that applied to you or your competitor?

With a little help from marketing automation’s friends

Kentico truly harnesses the power of marketing automation, with the use of other modules to form a fully integrated marketing solution. Such modules include; lead scoring, email marketing and web analytics.

Kentico have made a great video on the subject of marketing automation that you can find on their YouTube channel.

You can also take a look on the Kentico website for more detail.

Did you read our article on personalisation? This goes hand in hand with automation to create the ultimate customer experience.