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Graeme Ashworth

Last week, Team Ridgeway, headed down to London, to the Gherkin for our workshop event on creating immersive digital experiences.

Workshop event at the Gherkin

Thank you so much for a lovely morning. I found the talk incredibly informative and I took away a lot from the event that I can put into my work at William Hunt. James Martin, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing, William Hunt Savile Row

And wow, can I just say what an incredible venue the Gherkin is, we were on the 38th floor and the views across the city where simply stunning and set the scene for what was a truly amazing day. The room was packed full of marketing and ecommerce professionals from a variety of fantastic brands who all had great ideas and aspirations and the enthusiasm and buzz in the room was inspiring.

For those of you that were not able to attend the day I thought I would give you a taster of what the event entailed.

Experiential Nirvana – Your High 5

When we were planning for the event we wanted delegates to be able to take something away that they could apply to their own websites and digital strategies, so we came up with the concept of creating an Experiential Nirvana - Your High 5. These are five aspects we feel brands should focus on to really bring their websites to life.

1.Your offering

Your offering

By your offering we mean your product or service and what we always recommend you do is flip the lens and look at it from your customers perspective. Think about what facts you need to convey and how you do this. What type of decision process do your customers go through before purchasing your product or service? Is it a long and complex process with many influencing factors or is it quick and impulsive? Is your product a luxury or functional?  What marketplace does your offering sit in? Is it functional clear what your product or service is and can offer your customers? Is it memorable and will it resonate with your audience?

2.Your story

Your story

This is all about unpacking the ‘why’. You need think about what problem is your offering solving and how does it make your customers lives better or easier. Can you convey your authority through your heritage or provenance? Have you made it clear why advocates should buy your offering and what it can contribute to their lives? All companies were founded with a story to tell, think about your brand story and how you can convey this both digitally and offline to engage your customers.

3.Your advocates

Your advocates

This is about nurturing and creating believers. Technology has given rise to a new breed of customers who want to actively participate with brands. Over 50% of instagrammers follow brands – that’s a powerful army of potential advocates who you can grow via your website. Do you really know your customers, what they like and dislike and what motivates them? Don’t make assumptions, do your research! Consider authentic ways to engage customers, creating inspiring advocates that share your content across social channels and spread the word about your brand.  Don’t forget that your employees should be your biggest advocates, make sure you are educating and engaging them in your brand so they can share and influence key audiences. You can build experiential positioning with virtual and real brand ambassadors. If you empower your tribe you will create advocates. Get creative!

4.Value the moment

Value the moment

Transport your advocates into your world. You should be joining up online, social and offline experiences for maximum engagement and experience. You need to surprise and delight both demanding and disruptive advocates and take them on a journey into your brand so they want to participate and genuinely want to be there. Don’t forget to embrace the omni-channel to present a joined-up journey that wows at every touch point.  Your brand presence is only as good as the weakest link – make your website the cornerstone of your present and build from there.

5. License to influence

License to influence

This is all about creating permission to sell. Once you have advocates and you have taken them on your journey, you create the pull -  they’ll want to know more and therefore you now have license to influence and permission sell. But don’t stop there, continue to provide an experience and reward your biggest advocates. Don’t forget to track your investment and remember data is your friend so use it to your advantage to create a personal and relevant experience. Make sure you sustain the commercial momentum or your competitors certainly will!

So, there it is, Your High 5. This is just a small taster of what we discussed at our workshop on creating immersive digital experiences.  If you are a Digital Marketing Manager or Ecommerce Manager and like what you read then why not register your interest for future workshops – get in quick as they fill up rapidly!

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