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Our Values Team

Harriet Leach
Harriet Leach

It’s a well-known fact, a good company culture means happier employees. And happy employees means productive employees which leads to happy customers.

The Values Team

So culture is important right? Right. That’s why here at Ridgeway we actively try to shape and protect our culture through our Values Team.

Our Values Team are a group of individuals that have been elected by our leadership team or fellow members. Their role is to nurture our culture, lead by example and motivate and encourage others.

The team

This is us. Because I know you wanted to see our friendly faces 😊
A team of five, we have people from different disciplines across the agency.

The five members of the Values Team

How we work

We get together on a Friday afternoon to plan and progress key initiatives for the agency. This could be anything from a night out bowling to employee awards. The projects and initiatives that we implement are shaped by the following guiding principles:

  • Facilitating social engagement and a positive working environment
  • Improving team morale and helping people feel valued
  • Being internal and external brand ambassadors
  • Identifying and appraising internal process improvements
  • Bridging the gap between teams and encouraging communication

Everyone in the team is an ambassador of our agency and we all have KPIs that are aligned to one of the guiding principles. We have a Chair and it is their role is to make sure everyone is fully engaged and we move forward and meet our objectives. Ultimately the Values Team sets out to make our agency a better place.

What we do

So I could write about all the great events, initiatives and projects we have implemented but they say a picture paints a 1000 words so here’s what we do in pictures.

The ROscars

ROScars trophy

This is Rodger our ROscars trophy. The ROscars is our employee reward programme. Every month we nominate colleagues for going above and beyond, doing a great job or just brightening up someone’s day. The person with the most votes is the lucky owner of Roger for a month, oh and they get a gift voucher 😊

Charity events

Cakes made by the team for MacMillan Coffee Morning

This is a pic of the amazing culinary skills of some of the team for our Bake Off for the MacMillan Coffee Morning. The Values Team manage and organise our charity initiatives and fundraising events. We aim to hold something every month, from Christmas Jumper Day to The Three Peaks Challenge. 

Show & Tell

Charlie presenting a Show and Tell to the team

Every month we hold a ‘Show & Tell’. These give our employees the opportunity to share knowledge and opinion on topics of interest that are relevant to our industry. This could be about a client project, a new trend or technology or a digital discipline.

Team bonding 

Mark and Will playing Xbox

Here’s Will and Mark steering their way to victory in the Ridgeway Mario Kart competition. This is just one of many fun and team bonding activities the Values Tream have organised, other activites include 5-a-side football, crazy golf and karting.


Vikki and Matt bowling

There’s always a social happening at Ridgeway, here’s a pic of Vikki and jamie going for the strike.  Every week we have Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Free Beer Friday…which paints us as a bit of a boozy bunch! But we also have other non-alcohol related socials such as family BBQs, quizzes and tree top adventures.   

Open and honest

Adele and Laura having a conversation over coffee

Part of our objectives is to ensure we have an open and honest culture. We encourage employees to communicate openly but we can also provide a voice to our Senior Management team to make sure the everyone’s ideas or concerns are heard. 

Showing appreciation 

Chocolates for the team

Everyone at our agency works hard so we like to take every opportunity to say thank you and show that each employee is valued. For example, every employee received this valentine’s gift which included a message about why they were so great!

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