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Black Friday 2017 - Part Five: It's All Over, What Now?

Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis

It's All Over, What Now?

The last items have been shipped and you’re popping the bubbles to celebrate a successful sale, but just before the celebrating begins, make sure that normal service has been resumed so it's clear to customers that your sale has ended. 

Popping Champagne in the Office

Firstly, remember to remove any sale related artwork from your website and social, stop any ongoing campaigns and update your social media channels. You want to aim to do this as soon as possible post-sale, so that it's clear to customers that your sale is over and offers have ended to avoid any confusion. 

While it is still all fresh in your mind, the best thing to do next, is to jot down what you can take away from Black Friday 2017. Review your analytics, look at purchasing patterns, number of cart abandonments etc. Following the increase in traffic can be invaluable for identifying which areas of your site are performing well, especially around your checkout process. These analytics can give you key information which you can contribute towards improving your ecommerce website. In particular, look for pages which show high bounce rates and review these to see if there are any broken links and confusing calls to action which are making customers leave or become frustrated.

Now, this may seem early, but it is worth having next year’s landing page created ready for when the 2017 Black Friday sale is over. This will help with SEO rankings and ensure your page is getting indexed well in advance of next year’s Black Friday sale. Many companies choose to have these live all year around to ensure that their page gets indexed by Google, as mentioned above.

During Black Friday you will have gathered an array of e-mail addresses from new customers. Instead of just adding them to your database, why not use this as an opportunity to follow-up with your Black Friday customers, maybe offering them a voucher because they shopped with you, or an invite to one of your stores or maybe just a thank you for shopping with you e-mail. You want to ensure you follow-up with your Black Friday customers straight after the sale, to encourage further purchases from them in the future and add that personal touch.

We hope that you found our Black Friday series useful and you have picked up key points for consideration. In the meantime, good luck with your Black Friday preperation and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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