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Black Friday 2017 - Part Two: Mobile and Tablet

Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis

Mobile and Tablet

It’s well-known that ensuring your website is optimised and designed for mobile could not be more important in today’s market place. After analysing our clients performance over the 2016 five day period, it was identified that nearly 70% of sessions and over 60% of transactions were made on mobiles and tablets. This truly demonstrates that customers are no longer loading up their desktops to purchase items, but simply making purchases straight from their mobile and tablets.

Mobile Hero

The best ecommerce websites make browsing and purchasing across devices as simple as possible for the consumer. For example:

When you go the Etsy website, firstly, you're greeted with an option to search for specific items or shops using the large search bar at the top of the screen. To shop by category, under the search bar there is a list of categories with the use of animated icons, that are in a table format which makes them easy to tap with a finger. The site is also laid out in a grid format, and all the images are large enough to view on smaller devices and are easily clickable on smaller screens. 

Etsy Website

Loaf: Loaf have used animation to break up the content on their website, which makes it more appealing to the customer. On mobile view, there is a grid displaying all the services that they offer, which are all clickable for easy access.  Above this is a very visual four-square grid displaying the products Loaf offer through beautiful imagery. The mixture of the use of grids, photography and animation makes it a very simple yet visual website, allowing for easy mobile navigation.   

Loaf Website

Hotel Chocolat: Hotel Chocolat have also opted for the grid layout on their mobile site, which makes it easy for the customer to find the type of products they are searching for on a smaller device. They have also included a ‘Show me Everything’ button which is a useful feature for those customers who wish to just browse the website in general. On each page, they have included the option to filter products by product type, chocolate type, price and dietary requirements using product filtering and scrollbars. This makes searching for specific products much easier for the user.

Hotel Chocolat Website

Here are some key points specific to mobile on Black Friday to consider if you haven’t already:

  • Have you sought sources of frustration or feedback on your mobile customer experience with real customers?
  • Are key stats, information, pricing and your calls to action clear enough?
  • Have you simulated the performance through a throttled bandwidth experience as someone would experience on 3/4G or through a public Wi-Fi connection?
  • Is all content on your mobile site fully responsive?
  • Have you optimised all images to make the site as lightweight as possible?
  • Have you thought about or tested integrated apps, online promotions or QR codes into your mobile shopping experience?

We hope that you found the second part of our Black Friday series useful and you have picked up key points to consider for Mobile and Devices. Next up for part three of the series we will be covering how to Design your website for Black Friday.  

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us regarding the preparation of your website for Black Friday, then feel free to contact us

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