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Chris Hawkins
Chris Hawkins

Stimulating and rewarding – this is how I’d describe the work of agile developers in the Ridgeway client support team.

We live for that penny dropping, spark of genius, bright idea moment when it all fits together and you discover how a single user out of millions managed to do something nobody had even thought possible!

The support team

Not just problem-solving

As a proactive team, we don’t just react, but ensure our clients’ websites remain in top condition.

Aside from resolving issues, we also constantly look for opportunities for improvement in our clients’ work. As a proactive team, we don’t just react, but ensure our clients’ websites remain in top condition, whether that’s updates and day-to-day maintenance or ad-hoc projects that keep their sites up to date.

Doing the very best for our clients

So what could be as rewarding as chasing after and hunting down these anomalies? For me, that’s simple - empowering clients to push the limits as they require more from the solution following initial project completion. Clients don’t always have the budget to make their project sing and dance from the outset, but when return on investment is fast realised it becomes more apparent to them that further investment in their site yields even better results. We work with our clients to build a bespoke set of SLAs based on their needs and budget, and also offer one-to-one training to take their digital marketing to the next level.

Working together

Developing project enhancements gives the developers in the client support team the unique position of being able to frequently lead features from a technical perspective. We get to plan out with clients and third parties how these are going to integrate into their existing solutions, owning the task end to end, which is a rare opportunity in larger project teams. Sometimes these features are completely new, often they’re an improvement to a particular area. We work with our team of skilled designers and systems experts to ensure we quickly find the right solution.

Seeing the results

After meticulously weaving a feature into a solution, you very quickly get to observe the impact of the changes you have made. This could be anything from improving the user experience to reducing site load times or increasing conversion. Sometimes, it’s making the management of the site in the CMS easier for the client, automating what would have been a lengthy manual process for them to make their lives much easier. 

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