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An insight into our project management team

Charlie Davidson
Charlie Davidson

Hello. My name’s Charlie, and I’m a digital project manager at Ridgeway. As part of the Project Management team, I help deliver business insight whilst controlling diverse projects to ensure successful delivery to specification, schedule, and budget.

Sam and Charlie talking on the sofa

I’ve based the following outline of my day on Friday last week, but it’s fairly reflective of a typical day in the office. My days can dramatically change though when a project is in its early or closing days! 

Daily project stand-ups

My day starts with daily project stand-ups. These are with the full project teams and last around 15 minutes. We take it in turns to explain what we’ve worked on, what we plan to do next, and what’s blocking us. As I’m working with two projects right now, each with a separate team, I do one stand-up first thing and the other at the end of the day.


Each Friday we have a scheduling meeting to discuss the coming week. The scheduling team is a mixture of Project Managers, Account Directors, and other representatives from the performance, development, and support teams. We’re all expected to come fully prepped and preparation is carried out on the days leading up to the meeting. Both the short and long term production schedules are considered and our meeting isn’t always short. At the end of it, a two week schedule is produced for each member of the production team.

Client communication

The most important task in any day is keeping our clients up-to-date on project progress.

The most important task in any day is keeping our clients up-to-date on project progress. For me, this typically falls into three categories. Pre-arranged calls, meetings at specific points in the project, and answering ad-hoc emails and calls throughout the day. 

Internal time with the team

Throughout the day, I’m having catch-ups with the team. I’m a firm believer that good Project Managers point the team in the right direction and then get out of the way. However, I’ll work with my Technical Leads to help field questions, and make sure all the team are getting the support from me as needed. I also work with others to ensure my team are available for questions from other projects. On Fridays, I also have my weekly 1-2-1 with our Senior Project Manager, an important part of the Ridgeway mentoring process.

Weekly status reports

Throughout a project, we send our customers Weekly Status Reports (WSRs). It’s an important step to ensuring everyone in the project knows exactly where we are and what the next steps are. This report summarises the week ending, and we typically send these either on a Friday or Monday. With my two active projects, I like to get both reports out before the weekend if I can. 

Prepping for weekly company stand-up 

On Monday mornings, the business gets together for a weekly stand-up. Project managers are expected to update everyone on their projects and this includes using data. The Friday before is used to pull together our remaining efforts, burndown charts, bug counts, and overall milestone updates. Lucky for me, this week was a quieter one, allowing me to do this throughout the week, and cutting down the final effort required.