A global solution for a world leading supplier to the retail industry

Adele Button
  • 10 May 2016
  • 3 min read

Braiform is the global leader in the supply of garment hangers, packaging, and GNFR solutions to the retail industry. Having pioneered the concept of reuse, one stop shop, and low cost flexible and direct sourcing overlaid with industry leading ethical and social compliance, Braiform is the go to partner for retail.

Braiform chose Ridgeway to create their new website, and wanted to portray a feeling of exclusivity, high-end design, and innovation to draw empathy and appeal from their clients, fashion retail buyers.

Coat hangers

The primary objectives for Braiform were to:

  • Produce a new solution that would distinguish the business from the competition.
  • Represent the brand and its global presence, both through design and multilingual functionality across devices.
  • Appeal to customers by conveying a message of style and quality to retailers.
  • Offer a flexible solution that allows easy content management across all languages to maximize the editorial control of the Braiform team.

The solution 

Our UX and design teams worked closely with stakeholders from Braiform in a series of collaborative workshops to explore the competitor landscape, brand heritage, product ranges, and customer needs analysis, which included garment manufacturers and their values globally – particularly in the key Asian and US markets. We then created top level user journeys and wireframes for the website structure across devices for Braiform’s key services and product catalogue. Our designers captured the essence of fashion design and conveyed a message of style and quality to appeal to retailers. This was supported by in-house photography shoots and expert advice on the composition and optimisation for effective brand representation across the website.

The website is built on Kentico, and uses multilingual functionality for access no matter where in the world the site is accessed.

The website is built on Kentico, and uses multilingual functionality for access no matter where in the world the site is accessed. This also allows Braiform to easily manage content across all languages via a central management interface, and our team has provided the brand with CMS training and content guidance to maximise the potential from their solution. Thanks to a number of flexible templates and in-page CMS components, Braiform have full editorial control with the peace of mind that the design will adapt effortlessly across devices.

Top results

Strong visuals have been achieved in the new Braiform platform that distinguishes the brand from its competitors. By coupling a minimalist style with responsive design, the website has been given a fashionable feel that is simple to navigate regardless of the device used for browsing. All of this enables customers to easily choose from the product range, find out how to recycle the products, and discover other services offered by Braiform.

Here’s the success we’ve seen:

  • 11% increase in sessions year on year (Jan – Mar 2017)
  • 20% increase in users year on year (Jan – Mar 2017)
  • 28% decrease in average session duration year on year as users find what they want (Jan – Mar 2017)
Adele Button
  • 10 May 2016
  • 3 min read