Kentico Cloud: Everything you need to know

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp
  • 07 Dec 2016
  • 6 min read

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last few weeks, you’ll have been just as excited as we are about the recent launch of Kentico Cloud.

For any businesses tired of babysitting their current content management systems (CMS) and juggling servers, upgrades, hotfixes, backups, plugins, performance, security, and installation – hey, let’s face it, it’s hard work – this solution could be ideal for you.

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This cloud-first CMS is a solution for all of these considerations, and has been brought about to enable businesses to progress their digital transformations through an agile, speedy, and competitive SaaS product that integrates easily with other systems.

So, what does it do?

Kentico Cloud is a set of fully integrated cloud services that helps businesses become more productive by removing the need for complicated technology and replacing it with a hassle-free cloud platform.

For businesses, the main advantages of using Kentico Cloud include saving time and enabling flexibility. When using a traditional CMS, for example, your developers will need to rewrite HTML into a format defined by the CMS to then appear on websites. With Kentico Cloud, on the other hand, the CMS is no longer dictated by the language, so if your website ever needs to switch programming language (e.g. from a .NET stack to a PHP stack), your CMS content is still safe and won’t need to change.

This means that now, you can use any programming language, any platform, and any device, as Kentico has moved beyond its .NET origins to enable all developers to work on your business’ project. Now, you can have more control over your website and can benefit from a 24/7 service as the Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Thanks to the speedy Kentico API, there’s now no need for a database server, and when any new functionality is added to the product, it’s automatically available to all Cloud customers.

What’s all the hype about?

Kentico Cloud is all about removing the hard dependency between technology and content, making things much easier for businesses. As Kentico has been in the CMS business for 12 years, and was recently recognised by Gartner as offering one of the world’s top web CMS platforms, you can expect another great product in Kentico Cloud. The idea is that Kentico will take care of the service, so you can focus on what matters most - creating digital experiences that drive your business goals.

Kentico Cloud is an easy-to-use platform that encourages collaboration and conversation by producing content in one place and then migrating to any CMS on any application, site, or channel using the API. It’s a flexible CMS solution that will help to dramatically increase your productivity.

The full Kentico Cloud Enterprise Suite encompasses the following tools:

  • Kentico Engage – a tool for tracking customer behaviour and journeys onsite, producing information for other marketing systems and activities, and enabling personalised experiences.
  • Kentico Draft – a tool for easily enabling structured content production in the cloud, it provides customisable types, taxonomy, sitemaps, workflows, versioning, and comments to export to any CMS.
  • Kentico Deliver – an easy-to-use content management interface for editors and a super-fast API for developers to display content on websites, mobile apps, devices, and any other channel.

How does it compare to other CMS?

In today’s market, there’s a growing number of cloud-first, headless CMS products, usually created by developers for other developers. Many of these, however, lack usability for business uses. On the other end of the spectrum, there are on-premise, hosted digital experience platforms, yet these miss the advantages of cloud-based systems. 

Kentico Cloud, on the other hand, offers a mid-ground platform with all the benefits of the cloud as well as advantages of the Kentico CMS, with great usability for business users to cover the whole content cycle in an end to end solution that supports creativity and collaboration. 

Should you eventually outgrow Kentico Cloud as a business, there is a clear migration path for your content to Kentico CMS, as a more mature CMS/EMS platform.

How can Ridgeway help you?

If you think Kentico Cloud sounds as impressive as we think it does, why not get in touch to start a free 30 day trial?

As a Kentico Gold Partner, we’ve produced plenty of successful Kentico solutions on the platform for clients that include Twinings, HMV, and The De Beers Group

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp
  • 07 Dec 2016
  • 6 min read