Ridgeway launch new B2B website for Bluefin to increase user engagement

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  • 18 Jul 2017
  • 5 min read

We are extremely excited to have just launched a new B2B website for Bluefin Solutions, the global SAP practice of Mindtree, who deliver business consulting, technology strategy and implementation.

Bluefin website

Bluefin needed a new website which would take their users on a journey, engaging with more content and thus becoming more invested in the brand.

Their existing website was gaining a lot of traffic through their blog which was positioning them as knowledgeable thought leaders in the world of SAP. Their content was well read and respected in the industry but their website was not maximising this following and taking the users further into their website to find out about the services and consultancy that Bluefin offer.

Bluefin turned to Ridgeway to help them build a new Kentico website which would position Bluefin correctly and take visitors on a journey further into the site, increasing user’s session times and pages per session. Bluefin also needed a flexible CMS which would allow them to publish a variety of different types of content to engage their visitors and set up event promotion and registration. 

From the outset Ridgeway were open and honest, and worked in a transparent way which we valued. Their approach is very scientific, they measure and analyse, and then make recommendations based on facts not assumptions. I would recommend Ridgeway to any business who wants an agency that will add value, deliver and get results. Alex McCracken
Global Director Marketing - Alliances at Bluefin

Understanding personas and user journeys 

Ridgeway held a workshop with Bluefin to identify their user personas and create user journeys. This enabled Ridgeway to understand how to engage these users with content and actions relevant to their purpose.

The workshop involved understanding individual persona routes from discovery to research  to engagement. Ridgeway then mapped these points against what the users were thinking, what Bluefin wanted them to do, and how the user would be feeling at each point. From the outcomes Ridgeway were able to shape specific journeys through the site.

Content, content, content

Changes were made to the blog to encourage users to explore the site more and engage with the brand further. These include related content and articles, sign posting to case studies and social media sharing icons.  Ridgeway implemented a flexible widget which allows Bluefin to publish content on the blog in a variety of different formats with different page layouts and mediums. This variety will help to keep visitors engaged and encourage further exploration of the website.

Events made easy 

Bluefin host a number of events, including webinars and conferences so they needed the functionality and flexibility to be able to promote these events as well as register attendees. The new website allows them to do just this with added functionality such as agenda builders which saves them time. 

Wireframes for Bluefin website

Speed optimisation 

One of the problems with the previous site was its slow performance, this was frustrating for users and often resulted in them leaving instantly. The new site is fast with content and pages loading quickly. Ridgeway were able to improve the speed by using Kentico out-of-the box functionality, for example the comments feature on the blog, rather than an add-on tool which was slowing the site down. 

The results 

In just eight weeks Bluefin have a new website with a cleaner, sleeker look, that seamlessly navigates users through the content. The homepage positions Bluefin clearly and demonstrates how it can help businesses.

Bluefin website on desktop, tablet and mobile

The content throughout the website has been simplified and brings out the benefits for the end user rather than being very technical and product focused. 

Users are able to easily navigate through the blog to find articles and insights that are of interest to them as well as be encouraged to discover customer success stories and more about Bluefin. 

The events are clearly signposted on the homepage and the functionality allows users to easily find events that are of interest to them through filters. 

Throughout the site there are opportunities for visitors to become more invested in the brand and engaged for example newsletter sign ups and social icons for sharing and following. 

The client is extremely happy with the website as it meets all their needs and positions their brand correctly. Planning has begun for phase two which will involve video content to further engage their users. 

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  • 18 Jul 2017
  • 5 min read