Privacy Policy

Here's a list of the ways our website collects information as you browse it and what we’ll then do with that information

Our website is relatively simple in the grand scheme of things. We don’t therefore collect and store much information about you. There are two types of data collected – personal information and anonymous information.

Personal information

We collect and record the personal information you provide through our enquiry form or mailing list sign up form. The type of information we record includes your name, company name, telephone number and contact information.

We cannot obtain this information unless you submit it to us and we promise (scout’s honour) not to use the information you send us to do anything other than respond to your enquiry.

Mailing list

If you sign up to receive our newsletter, then we’ll email you occasionally with news and other things we think you’ll find interesting. We don’t do this often and we certainly won’t spam you. If you ever want to unsubscribe, then there’s a link to allow you to do this at the bottom of every one of our newsletters and marketing emails. You won’t hear from us again if you do unsubscribe.

Anonymous information

The website collects anonymous information relating to the way you use our site. This is done using a little piece of code within every page which is provided by Google Analytics. This is a widely used website analytics service which allows us to learn (amongst other things) how people are finding our site, which pages are the most popular and which pages we could improve. Most importantly, we cannot (and don’t want to) identify you or collect your contact information using this method. We just know the IP address (a number) of your computer or network.


Like many websites, ours uses cookies to make it work better. You don’t have to accept the use of these (you can switch them off in your browser settings if you really want to), but we don’t recommend it because you’ll find our site and many others don’t work as well without them. The cookies on our website only exist to allow it to function correctly, they don’t record or track anything to do with your personal information.

Want to know more or remove your information from our database?

We’re happy to tell you anything you want to know about how our website works, tell you what information we have about you on file or even remove it from our database completely if you wish. Just contact us and we’ll get it done.