Kontent.ai Headless CMS

Stay ahead of the game with content as a service (CaaS)

Agile, high-speed web development with Kontent.ai

Kontent.ai is a cloud-first headless CMS, providing better content editing processes, faster delivery, quicker websites, and the ability to deliver content to any device or platform.

The headless CMS enables you to easily manage content and access it via an application programming interface (API). This means the presentation layer - the “head” - is not dictated and so your content can be used across multiple channels: websites, mobile apps, voice services, smart watches and whatever is coming next.

Kontent.ai is cloud-first because it was designed from the ground up to be a Content-as-a-Service offering, benefiting from everything that Kentico had learned about content management over the last 16 years from developing their more traditional CMS offering, Xperience. As a complete service solution, Kontent.ai takes care of all the hosting infrastructure needed to deliver your content and assets to a global audience.


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Key benefits of Kontent.ai for your business

  • Shortened delivery time

    You can start creating content straight away, without needing to wait for the CMS to be built.

  • Your content on any channel

    Publish your content to any platform – perfect for voice search, mobile apps and smart watches.

  • Specialist microservices

    Dedicated, API-led microservices that perform one job well, all curated to work best for your business.

  • Instant, pain-free upgrades

    New features are rolled out seamlessly with no downtime or impact on your project.

  • Total cost of ownership

    No need to pay for hosting or maintenance of the CMS itself, lower development costs, streamlined content management, and full control provided for the technologies used to present your content to your audience.

  • Hosting, solution support & roadmap

    Gold Partner SLA support with a critical pathway of improvements for evolution.

Why should you consider Kontent.ai?

  • Content first agility

    Because Kontent.ai is a headless CMS, the content creation process does not have to wait for developers to build websites or other applications. Once the content strategy is in place, content creation and development can be carried out in parallel which dramatically shortens your time to market.

    Kontent.ai provides a rich suite of features to enable content teams to plan, create and collaborate on their content. No more managing content in Word or Google Docs and then having to copy-paste it into a CMS.

  • Omnichannel approach

    In our modern multichannel world, your content can be consumed on any number of devices. This requires a whole new approach to structuring and managing content. Traditional CMS products are built with only the web in mind, and so not architected from the ground up for this new world.

    By separating content from presentation and providing the tools to properly structure and tag content, Kontent.ai gives you the ability to publish to any channel. You can be confident that your content will be in a good shape to reach whatever devices the future holds.

  • Microservices architecture

    Modern software design uses an API-led microservices approach. Rather than building huge “monolithic” applications, functionality is broken down into small units, each doing one job well. Digital solutions are then quickly created by assembling the right microservices together. This allows flexibility, speed and the ability to choose the best of breed for each part of the project. Kentico Kontent works as part of such a microservice digital experience platform.

  • No infrastructure or upgrade pains

    A new Kontent.ai plan can be set up in minutes, and gives you access to a global CDN for media asset delivery. This frees you from worrying about planning and managing infrastructure for your digital project’s content and assets.

    As a cloud service, Kontent.ai is constantly receiving new features, but these are rolled out seamlessly to all customers with no downtime or impact on your project.

  • Choose your (Jam)stack

    Kontent.ai is technology stack-agnostic, so you can consume the API with any programming language. However, one of the most exciting benefits of Kentico’s headless CMS is the ability to use Jamstack (JavasScript, APIs and Markup). This is a new approach to building websites, using static site generators to pre-build HTML files and then serving them directly from a content delivery network (CDN). This way we can build ultra-fast, more secure websites with dramatically lower hosting costs.

Who is Kontent.ai for?

Kontent.ai gives you the freedom and flexibility to create websites and content agility using technology which works best for your organisation. Create a powerful centralised content repository for your websites, e-commerce solution, web apps, iOS applications and custom integrations.


For marketers

Kontent.ai lets you model your content in a future proofed way, to publish the right content across all of your channels.

  • Improve the consistency and structure of your content for brand and performance
  • Give your content team the ability to create and manage valuable content quickly and accurately
  • Publish content which fits your customer’s needs and devices
  • Provide focus to your team with structured workflows and approval
  • Edit content in the context of a web layout with Web Spotlight

For developers

Use the documented API to build innovative digital experiences using the technology and architecture which is most relevant to your teams.

  • Choose the technology that fits your requirements
  • Leverage the software development kits (SDKs) provided by Kentico to access your content and get up and running quickly
  • Reduce the mix between frontend and backend development, keeping a lot of the code base within one discipline
  • Extend the content management interface with custom elements if the provided element types do not meet your needs
  • Focus on developing applications that utilize your content to deliver exciting and engaging experiences for your users and less on maintaining the tools used to manage the content
  • Choose to integrate with other best-in-breed tools and services rather than being locked into a platform that does a lot of things, but does not do some/all of them well