Video interview: Why hmv chooses Ridgeway and Kentico.

Why do our clients choose to work with us?

We asked Terry Roffey, hmv’s Retail and Ecommerce Applications Manager, what he likes about working with Ridgeway and Kentico, and how the success of the ecommerce site we built and support has helped hmv to improve its customer offering. Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear Terry’s thoughts.

What attracted hmv to Ridgeway?

Terry Roffey: “Ridgeway shared an enthusiasm for the brand and the ideas we had about moving into the ecommerce marketplace. They worked closely with us and had some interesting ideas that would help us establish ourselves back in that market.”

Why does hmv like working with Ridgeway?

TR: “With Ridgeway, we have a dedicated, committed team that are very approachable, and they help us work on both development and support projects. Having that kind of relationship is like having them as part of our team rather than a third party.”

What does hmv like about the Kentico platform?

TR: “Kentico gave us the core functionality that we needed to get a stable website up and running very quickly. It also had the flexibility needed to ensure we provided a user-friendly web experience for our customers.”

What are the benefits of hmv’s new website?

TR: “We can re-engage with customers that we engaged with previously, on an ecommerce platform. It means that we can reach out to them and give them the offers they want. And grow market share in a very tough market.“

What key results have hmv seen from the website?

TR: “We’ve gone from strength to strength and exceeded our forecast dramatically. This has allowed us to improve our range and give a much better offer to our customers.”