Modular Kontent.ai cloud-native headless CMS platform.

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Why should you choose Kontent.ai?

Large organisations often face challenges when adopting an all-in-one solution, especially if they have a distributed team and a suite of existing service tools that are already functioning well in their own tech stack. Dealing with constant maintenance, unused features, and upgrade downtime can be quite frustrating.

That's where Kontent.ai comes in. It's a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that simplifies the curation and management of content from a single location, enabling seamless distribution to a wide range of separate experiential applications. It offers omnichannel delivery, ensuring your content reaches your audience through various channels.

Kontent.ai is a perfect fit for the fully composable microservices architecture. With this approach, we construct your digital product by connecting specialised services from different vendors through their independent APIs. This means your digital experience stack is designed precisely according to your product's needs, rather than building your product around a specific, fully-featured CMS.

Developers appreciate the total flexibility offered by this headless cms approach. They can leverage the best-of-breed technologies, use composable AI solutions, and work with their preferred technical frameworks.

Why choose fully headless over a traditional CMS?

  • Choose your own technology framework and content models
  • Content agility across multiple channels, not just websites
  • Marketers can focus on content, developers on engaging experiences
  • Choose to use your own and extended services
  • Wide open selection of technologies, microservices, SaaS 
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A modular SaaS platform to empower your enterprise content team.

  • Technical

    • Cloud-based SaaS 
    • Multiple environments 
    • Delivery and management APIs 
    • Multichannel optimisation 
    • Web optimisation 
    • Web preview 
    • Scalable and highly secure 
  • Workflow

    • Multiple workflows 
    • Real-time collaboration 
    • Custom roles 
    • Task management 
    • Scheduled publishing 
    • Cascade publishing 
    • Adaptive authoring 
  • Content

    • Content collections  
    • Taxonomies 
    • Custom content models 
    • Structured content 
    • Custom UI Elements 
    • Asset Library 
    • Advanced asset management 
    • Content groups 

Advantages for everyone

Kontent.ai provides business users and developers with all the necessary tools to achieve their objectives. Collaboratively, they can easily oversee their entire content workflow within a highly secure cloud-based modular content platform.

Scalable and secure

With enterprise-grade scalability and top-notch security, Kontent.ai can handle projects of any size while keeping your data safe and accessible at all times.

Cloud-based software as a Service (SaaS)

Kontent.ai operates as a reliable cloud service with a global presence, ensuring consistent performance and eliminating worries about system downtime.

Multisite and omnichannel 

Effortlessly distribute structured content to multiple websites, seamlessly adapting to different channels and devices. By creating content once, you can easily reuse it wherever and whenever it's needed.

Accelerate your digital growth

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