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AB Agri

AB Agri is a unique community of leading agricultural businesses operating across the entire food supply chain, feeding 1 in 5 chickens globally and generating £1.9 billion revenue in 2015. The brand needed a strong digital identity to convey its focus on responsible agriculture in a storytelling style to help third parties understand and endorse the business, and to showcase its entrepreneurial culture for prospective employees.

We’ve created a brand site that now engages its audience by directing them through video, insightful information, and imagery that tells the story of the brand in an authentic style. Since creating the successful solution, we  have continued to collaborate with the AB Agri team and will be working with them to expand their digital presence further. 

AB Agri staff at work

Appealing to various audiences

Lacking an initial brand, the company had to reach a number of different audiences with different needs and objectives. We worked with AB Agri to determine the personas for each of these key audiences, ranging from potential acquisitions and investors to prospective employees and clients. We ensured the site catered for each of these personas with dedicated content presented in a compelling way. Visitors are now learning about the company and being made aware of its values and responsibilities, placing the brand as a people-focused, modern supplier that consumers can rely on and trust.

Family enjoying a meal
Bottles of milk
Baskets full of eggs
We are really thrilled with how quickly Ridgeway got to grips with the business and have found a way of conveying a vast amount of information in such a clear and beautiful way. To our community it places us as a people focused, modern supplier that they can rely on and trust. Rachel Larder
Brand Communications Manager, AB Agri

Bringing the brand to life

When we first began working with AB Agri, the company had no visual or external presence, so our team helped to shape and translate the brand for an online audience. We’ve achieved this through the use of subtle interactions, inspiring video, and inviting imagery that encapsulates the brand ethos. Using Kentico’s out-of-the-box components as well as some bespoke features, we delivered a site with a customised structure and functionality that matched the brand. The use of hand drawn fonts and icons create an approachable feel throughout the site which encourages users to explore more about the brand.

AB Agri site on a mobile device


Award winning performance

Six months after launch and the website has seen a significant increase in visitors and they are spending more time on the site exploring and discovering new content:

  • 80%

    Increase in sessions

  • 290%

    Increase in pageviews

  • 240%

    Increase in dwell time

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  • AB Agri homepage
  • AB Agri stories
  • AB Agri heritage

    Scoring great results

    As you land on the AB Agri site, you are hardly aware of the vast amount of information you are taking in as you are engaged by video, imagery, and animations that guide you through the many aspects of the company’s key history, expertise, and commitment to responsibility.

    You are instantly aware that this is a company leading the way in its field. Visitors are now learning about the company and being made aware of its values and responsibilities, surpassing the client’s desired outcomes.