User experience design

Curating an intuitive, friction free content architecture.

A user-centric approach resides at the heart of all our digital projects.

Friction-free user journeys

Part science, part design, user experience (UX) is focused on crafting effective, engaging, and intuitive information architecture (IA) for your customers to seamlessly navigate.

Our UX process unlocks the structure behind your business website and supports key user motivations, plotting their digital journeys, meeting expectations and desires, and enabling their top tasks to be achieved.  

What questions will they be seeking to answer and how can we accomplish these to accelerate them towards meeting your commercial outcomes? 

Don’t make your customers think too hard!

Snowfox Group design concepts on a MacBook Pro
A Ridgeway QA Exec testing the Breckon & Breckon website on multiple devices
A Ridgeway FE Developer in a Discovery workshop
Designer in a UX workshop
YO! Sushi website product page design

We use several tools and a range of collaborative techniques during the Discovery and Definition phases to capture and distil your brand and user context which helps us define and shape a memorable experience. They include:


A proto-persona is a snapshot and a description of your target users and audience based on the anecdotal evidence shared by key stakeholders.

They are often built from a collection of heuristics, research, market data, and intuition to articulate the key needs and behaviour of a target audience. We use these proto-personas in conjunction with marketing personas (Often these detailed views may already exist) to ensure the alignment amongst stakeholders and provide a reflective marker in the UX process to measure collected research and actions against.

Empathy maps

An empathy map is a collaborative exercise we use to deep dive and garner insight into your customers. Like a user persona, they can represent a group of users too, such as a customer segment and plot their pain points, attitudes and brand behaviour whilst unlocking new opportunities too.

Journey mapping 

Customer journey mapping is the process of ‘Flipping the telescope’ to create a visual story of your customer's interactions with your brand. It is very useful to step into the customer's shoes and see your business from their perspective. 

Content models, taxonomy and proto-content

We adopt a content-first strategy for our projects. It is essentially an approach where the content for your project is thought about early on and helps determine the use of content, channel strategy and design of the site. This approach pinpoints elements that can be mapped to UI components and ensures that important user information can be effectively modelled and prioritised in our layouts. 

Information architecture and wireframes

A bit like an architect's plans, these are two-dimensional monochromatic illustrations of a page's interface and structure. They do not include any brand styling, colour, or graphics. They purely focus on hierarchy, space allocation and prioritisation of content and relevant functional assets to support intended user behaviour. 

Meaningful responsive wireframes will be shaped to adapt across multiple-break points, considering CTAs, CRO strategy, SEO optimisation and page performance. 

Creative concept and design

Working respectfully within your brand guidelines, these are then transformed into custom handcrafted and beautiful, aesthetic concepts and final page design templates and patterns.

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