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At Ridgeway we understand the importance of getting the User Experience (UX) just right: then great user journeys and increased engagement will follow.

Great digital experiences built around users

We know that UX can make or break a digital project: get it right and you’ll build brand loyalty while boosting your bottom line. Our experience design experts know how to create seamless digital experiences that put customers at the centre of your website – maximising engagement and ultimately creating loyal customers.

We take a data-driven approach to understanding UX and we know how to turn findings into actionable business insights. 

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UX Services

Laying the foundations for great results

  • User research

    Our effective user research methods allow us to replace popular perceptions with validated facts and turn data into decisions. From user surveys to A/B and multivariate testing, we take the guesswork out of customer behaviour, giving greater insight and driving the right decisions.

  • Personas & mapping

    We create proto-personas that accurately represent your typical customers. This way we can get inside the head of your audience and make sure that the journey we create is relevant, frictionless and ultimately satisfying. We’ve won several awards based on this approach.

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture (IA) provides a blueprint for digital development, pulling together user intent and business goals to deliver frictionless customer journeys. We analyse and develop IA to make sure the websites we create are structured to meet our clients’ business objectives.

  • Wireframing

    We use wireframes to plot user journeys, illustrate planned interactions and discuss strategies with our clients. Wireframes provide valuable insights to our project teams early on in a project, helping to align goals with stakeholder’s objectives and user feedback.


UX design

At Ridgeway we take a collaborative workshop-based approach to understanding users and translating this into meaningful experience design. Working together as a team and immersing ourselves in your brand means we aren’t afraid to ask challenging questions that other digital partners might want to avoid.

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Keeping your digital space on brand

We dig into the smallest design details to ensure our clients have beautiful, seamless and rewarding websites for their customers, ensuring brand identity is protected and enhanced, and their online and offline experiences are joined up.

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