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Personalisation – the cat’s whiskers of customer engagement

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp

No customer is exactly the same. They don’t have the same background, personality or buying process, so why should they be given the same experience?

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution has a built in content personalisation module that helps to offer each of your site users a unique experience by “delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time”.

People working on personas

PetsOnline at the peak of personalisation

For a greater understanding of how personalisation works, we can look at the example of Jayne using our favourite imaginary online pet store, PetsOnline.

Jayne searches online for “quality kitten toys”, and consequently heads to the top result, Pets Online. Just from these search results, the PetsOnline team can offer Jayne a more personalised experience.

Firstly, they can tell that Jayne is looking for kitten products, and consequently tailor the homepage appropriately, excluding dog’s dinners, puppy playpens and fish food.

It’s also clear Jayne’s criteria is quality and not cost, products are therefore listed from highest to lowest price.

The final piece of information gained from Jayne’s search is the IP address, in which PetsOnline can see that she is based in London. With this in mind, the page is populated with clear offers on delivery in the London area.

IP Address

In a short space of time, Jayne now knows that PetsOnline offers her exactly what she needs.

How does your hot lead turn into your loyal customer?

Jayne browses the website, but she’s still not sure what to buy. The personalisation system spots her indecision and serves an article “caring for your kitten” - packed with the top buys for a new kitten owner. Jayne puts in her email address to receive it, not only offering her the personal experience she craves, but triggering an automated workflow of targeted emails to send her content and offers to warm her up from visitor to loyal customer.

Through the power of email automation alongside personalisation, Jayne has become a valued customer. PetsOnline can now do a great job of making Jayne feel welcome. She loves that she is shown articles and products for kittens and that the adverts remind her to buy cat food just before she runs out.

Cross selling

Cross-selling, up-selling and cycle-based selling aren’t just great for profits, but also just downright useful for Jayne.

By collecting simple information about customer context, behaviour and demographics, PetsOnline have improved Jayne’s experience on the site, giving her just what she needs, when she needs it.

Next time Jayne needs anything for Tiddles, she knows just where to go.