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Black Friday 2017 - Part Three: Design

Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis


Probably one of the most important aspects during preparation for Black Friday is webpage design. As a digital agency ourselves, we know that companies plan the design of their website for months prior to Black Friday to prepare the best approach.  

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With so much to think about when it comes to the design of the website, we have put together a few ideas to consider if you haven’t already:

Banners -  Many companies choose to have a large Black Friday Sale banner on the landing page of their website. This is designed to be eye catching and usually contains the percentage off that the business is offering (70% off) and/or sales code(s). You could also consider displaying a skinny promotional banner throughout site which could show the sales code or is just a small reminder throughout the site that the sale is on. If you have decided on displaying a banner, make sure they all link through to your sales page.



Product display – There is nothing worse than going on a website where products that are in the sale are not clearly displayed and you have to trawl through the site to find what you are looking for. To avoid increased bounce rates and missing out on sales, ensure your products that are on offer are easy to find and clearly displayed, maybe you could do some A/B testing to double check this from a customer’s point of view.

Section your products – On your sales page, are you going to section your products and have the option for your customers to filter by and view certain items in the sale? If this is not part of your plan, then this may be a good idea as it will save customers time, rather than them having to scroll through all the items on offer.


Imagery – Photography is key to encouraging your customers to purchase your products. We all know how frustrating it can be sometimes when you are shopping online and it’s difficult to get a grasp of what the product looks like and how good the quality appears. This can then hinder the chance of proceeding to the checkout and may even encourage you to look elsewhere. Professional photography is vital on an ecommerce website. Double check that all your products are photographed from different/multiple angles, are clear, excellent quality and portray the product correctly.  

Will your site display before and after pricing? This can be enticing for customers because it’s an easy way for them to see how much they are saving, so including it can be advantageous.

Sale tags – If applicable to your offer then you can consider displaying sale stickers on your product images, both on the product listing pages and product detail pages. This will make the items easily distinguishable if they are appearing in normal categories.

Before and after pricing - Will your site display before and after pricing? This can be enticing for customers because it’s an easy way for them to see how much they are saving, so including it can be advantageous. However, if your price reduction is minimalistic, displaying the before and after price may be best to avoid as small savings could encourage customers to search elsewhere for a better deal.  

Checkout – How are you going to design your checkout page to make the process as easy as possible for your customers? Is there a promotional code which needs to be added to the checkout? How are you going to display the products in the basket? Are you going to show the amount saved? Is your returns policy easy to access from the checkout? All these should be considered when thinking about how to design the checkout. You want to ensure that the checkout process makes for an easy transaction, any problems at this stage could dissuade customers from making any purchases.


We hope that you found the third part of our Black Friday series useful and you have picked up key points to consider for your website Design. Next up for part four of the series we will be covering Digital Marketing for Black Friday.  

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us regarding the preparation of your website for Black Friday, then feel free to contact us

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