A second success for Atkinsons Bullion and Coins

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  • 17 May 2017
  • 5 min read

An exciting second phase of work has just been launched for our client Atkinsons Bullion & Coins, a private family bullion and coins business with over 25 years in the industry. 

Atkinsons website

This follows a successful first phase of the project which was launched in Q4 2015, where we delivered a new website for the business that provided a secure marketing, ecommerce, and content management system in one solution, with features including live pricing and integration with third party systems including Brightpearl CMS,Trustpilot, and Fastmarkets. Our client even won a prestigious Kentico Site of the Month for the website built on the Kentico platform.

In the second phase of the project, our client wanted to achieve another ‘wow’ factor with some exciting new features, including content marketing, increased efficiency for the CMS team and provide an enhanced, personalised customer dashboard. 

Improved efficiency for the team

The new features have helped to firmly distinguish our business from our competitors with unique content. Our priority is making the site as useful and engaging for our customers as possible, and these improvements will make a real difference to the website. Joanne Kennedy
Ecommerce and Marketing Manager, Atkinsons Bullion

With so many transactions taking place through the website since its launch in Q4 2015, as you can imagine, there was plenty of fulfilment through the website for the client to carry out, resulting in back-end administration which was becoming time-consuming for staff. On top of this, given the nature of the industry, there’s plenty of legislation that needs to be overcome to avoid fraud.

We were keen to make changes in order to increase efficiency for the Atkinsons team, for the steps in between planning an order and its fulfilment. Thanks to some changes from our team, we’ve managed to get around some of these steps by automating as much of the process as possible to save our client budget and time to spend on more profitable activity.

This was achieved by providing our client with more tools and calculators on the back end to remove the need for complex spreadsheets and calculations. The new functionality uses live data to enable updated tier pricing for economies of scale, and calculates profit and postage costs to take a lot of the internal processes away from the Atkinsons team.

Useful functionality for the user

A significant feature of the website’s second phase was producing content to encourage visitors to become loyal customers to the brand. We worked with Atkinsons to produce a comprehensive, interactive graph that displays gold and silver prices, and their changes and trends over time. This interactive chart instantly creates a more engaging experience for visitors to the website. 

The unique element of this graph is the additional view of fixed pricing (an official measure for the products pricing), and the ability for users to view a particular configuration, take a snapshot, and add it their unique account to create multiple charts for retrospective glances. 

Atkinsons charting page

A live tracking mechanism in the database saves each snapshot of pricing – which even provides historical data back to 1986 – whilst maintaining efficiency, and is all built using custom functionality with a user interface built over the top. As our client would expect, the responsive view is just as powerful as on desktop.

Overall, the interactive graph shows the user a live view and a fixed view. Visitors are encouraged to sign up with an account in order to receive spot price alerts for when changes occur at a point that will interest them.

Our UX team worked on wireframes for these key pages to establish their look and function, and from a UI perspective, the premium look was maintained across the website. Other considerations included the granularity of the graph and how simplified it should be whilst retaining clarity to show sufficient detail to the user. It was a complex project, but most importantly the client is really pleased with the results!

Increased visitor engagement

As well as the improved efficiencies and content features, our team redesigned and rebuilt some key category index pages to make them more engaging. Following the initial launch of the website, we observed that many visitors were accessing the website via gold and silver pages which were performing particularly well in terms of search engine optimisation.

Atkinsons gold page

For this reason, these pages were effectively landing pages for a wide audience, and so from a UX perspective, we needed to clearly signpost users into the website and act on the insight we had gathered. Our UX and UI Design team worked to make these pages more interesting visually by bringing in additional graphics, and reminding our client of the functionality built into the site, including the featured products section.

The user account area has also been completely redesigned and rebuilt to reflect a portfolio account, bringing in additional widgets and information, and enabling functionality that allows users to save charts over time for a reflective, personalised view. 

Atkinsons account page

The results

The client is really happy with the results of the second phase of the project.

This is the growth we have seen, comparing the recent two month period, March - May 2017 with the same period last year:

  • Visits have increased by 39.05%
  • Transactions have increased by 29.55%
  • Pageviews have increased by 27.87%
  • Mobile and tablet traffic has increased by 55.44%

 The Atkinsons team is currently scoping out a roadmap for future projects, and we’re really looking forward to taking on the next phase with the team.

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  • 17 May 2017
  • 5 min read