Introducing Kentico 11

Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis
  • 15 Dec 2017
  • 8 min read

Just one year on from the release of Kentico 10, this week, the all in one platform unveiled the exciting release of Kentico 11.

Kentico 11

This latest version of the ASP.NET CMS platform was created by taking into consideration the needs of avid Kentico users. The focus for Kentico 11 was to position the customer “at the heart of your story,” and simplify digital marketing processes. To do this, the new features allow companies to easily create compelling campaigns, track user journeys through analytics, be GDPR compliant and offer customers simple purchasing experiences. We have summarised the features below, for those who are yet to discover what’s new from the platform:

Improved ecommerce

Referring to the aim of Kentico 11, enhancing the ecommerce functionality was key to improving visitor journeys when searching and purchasing products online. Kentico 11 has introduced, the Kentico discounting engine which allows gift coupons to be used, the ability to process product prices with or without tax included, delayed capture mode for all payment gateways and support for multiple coupons to be entered during the checkout process. These new and improved features that will make a huge difference to companies looking at upgrading their ecommerce website.

GDPR and data protection

With the deadline for companies to be GDPR compliant quickly approaching, Kentico have smartly implemented a range of features through their Kentico 11 data protection app, helping companies process data and avoid any unexpected fines. Usefully, these features include, app customisation, the ability to easily locate data, simply manage given consents, access all data from one point, delete relevant data and safely export data if needed. You can read more about GDPR Support in Kentico 11 from our Development Manager, Matt Nield here.

Google analytics tracking

Using Kentico 11, you will now be able to gain impactful insights into visitor behaviour. Kentico have introduced their new Google Analytics ecommerce tracking feature which allows you to link customer activity to Google Analytics, so you are able to monitor user performance. This is perfect for understanding specific details of your audience e.g. purchasing activity, to identify how those visitors are navigating around the site and enhance the user experience.

E-mail campaigns By utilising all these features, marketers will have the ability to create powerful tailored content that connects with their audience and improve campaigns based on the previous performance.

Great news for Marketers, Kentico have upgraded the e-mail marketing system on Kentico 11, making it user friendly for those in marketing that are not the most ‘tech savvy’. The email template system has been rebuilt to include a range of useful features. With the upgrade, you will now be able to drag and drop content making the build process much quicker, design your own widgets to create impactful campaigns, ensure your emails don’t end up in spam folders, monitor newsletter performance and last but not least, define target audiences for campaigns and newsletters. What a treat! By utilising all these features, marketers will have the ability to create powerful tailored content that connects with their audience and improve campaigns based on previous performance.

Faceted search

You can now apply multiple filters using faceted search, which provides your customers with the opportunity to browse products by specific criteria.  Customers will be able to search using the filters to narrow their options or by using free text, and the results can now display the number of products available for each category. The aim behind this feature is to provide users with a more streamlined shopping experience, retracting the hassle of trying to find what they are searching for.

Ucommerce, Marketo and Salesforce integrations

To strengthen the platform in ecommerce, content management and creating richer content, Kentico embarked on integrating with exciting platforms Ucommerce, Marketo and Salesforce for the release of Kentico 11. Therefore, you can now expect to do even more commerce on Kentico through the Ucommerce partnership, deliver stronger content management capabilities with the Marketo Connector and discover more about your website to connect with your audience through the new Salesforce CRM integration. You can also learn about training on Ucommerce for Kentico from our Kentico MVP Matt Nield here.

We are thrilled about this release, and can’t wait to start taking advantage of all the Kentico 11 new features. As proud Kentico Gold Partners, we have been working closely with the team for years, providing solutions for leading brands including hmv, Twinings, Baking Mad, The De Beers Group and more.

Why not get in touch with the team to find out more about Kentico 11 and how Ridgeway can help you?

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