Pure launch website that resonates with music lovers

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp
  • 30 Jun 2015
  • 6 min read

Ridgeway have launched the new website for as a first step to showcasing their leading range of electronic goods in a fresh and vibrant way.

Pure radio and website

Pure is a world leading consumer electronics manufacturer and pioneer of digital radio. The company needed a distinctive new site that modernises the brand and focuses on the user to convey a premium experience that is intuitive in helping music lovers find their perfect audio system. 

The right digital partner 

We were chosen for our ability to really understand what it was that Pure needed from an agency. We were able to provide not only the technical knowledge but strong marketing and commercial insight that could take the Pure brand to the next level. Pure felt that we could offer them the long-term digital partnership it was looking for and could work to its tight deadlines.

"I immediately knew Ridgeway were the agency for us, they spoke my language and really understood what we are trying to achieve, not just from a website point of view but the bigger picture too. They are accessible and always there to advise, not just an agency but a true partner."
Chris Walker, Marketing Manager, Pure

A slick user experience 

The new site has an array of functionality that significantly improves the customer experience.

The new site has an array of functionality that significantly improves the customer experience. The marked difference with the new responsive site is the navigation, which makes the user experience easy and insightful. The products have been categorised so that users can easily find what they need, and are encouraged to explore more of the range. The site’s clarity and quality across all devices helps to not only display an expansive product list but help the brand to grow and further establish themselves.

The look of luxury

Strong use of lifestyle photography throughout the site increases the desirability of the products, in combination with engaging content. The site has a clean layout to present the stylish and modern products, with a strong focus on the imagery and purchasing process. A luxurious feel has been achieved through use of rich colour and intimate imagery enables the user to visualise themselves in the environment with the products. 

New opportunities for the team

The site has not only been significantly improved from the user’s perspective but the new system has also meant that the team at Pure has the autonomy and flexibility to update the site in-house. Being able to add in new product pages and content means Pure can be reactive to the market and jump on new opportunities much quicker.

Strong performance

The results speak for themselves, the new site has seen:

  • a reduced bounce rate of 29%
  • session duration has increased by 29%
  • the number of pages visited per session has increased by 22%

The new site delivers all the information that users need to make an informed decision, which has meant that the conversion rate on the shop website over the Christmas period tripled, from 0.89% to 3.76%.

Looking to the future

A big part of Pure’s decision to use Kentico as a platform was because it provides a solid foundation with which the team can begin engaging and nurturing its customers and adding further features and capabilities in the future.

Pure plans to integrate the CRM platform, export its 300,000 customer database and then embrace EMS in the long term to offer a truly personalised experience for its customers, one that is automated and easy to manage. 

Longer term, Pure will also look into using the ecommerce functionality that Kentico offers. Having all of this integrated in one solution is the ultimate goal for Pure, which Kentico and Ridgeway can achieve.

Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp
  • 30 Jun 2015
  • 6 min read